You’ve created an awesome script, assembled the perfect cast, and are ready to shoot your film. The one thing missing in the equation that can take your film to the next level is special effects. Whether you want to give characters and actors a unique look or give your film the perfect backdrop, SFX and special effects makeup can take a film from good to extraordinary. If you’ve ever been blown away by explosions in a film, impressed by the misty haze and dazzling lights at a live show, or floored at the transformation of actors into fantastical characters, then you know the power of special effects.

Our special effects services include special effects makeup – perfect for creating things like bloody wounds, scars, artificial aging, fantasy characters, and zombie effects – major practical effects such as smoke, haze, and specialized lighting, and much more. We have the equipment, technological expertise, and creativity needed to help bring your ideas to life.

Nashville’s independent film scene is a prime location to shoot your project, and we can help you every step of the way, including SFX and special effects makeup. We’ll collaborate with your directors and art department to create the look and feel that you want for your video. When it’s time to film, our team will meet your crew on-set to handle all special effects and makeup, exactly to your specifications.

We can also bring SFX touches to corporate video projects, music videos, concerts and performances, and even wedding videography. If you can dream it up, we can work with you to develop the perfect special effects and scene for your needs. Our team is comprised of some of the industry’s top special effects artists, which allows us to bring professionalism, excellent quality, and affordability to each of our clients’ projects.

Trust your next video or film venture to a special effects company with knowledge, hands-on experience, and passion for artistry. Contact us for a consultation about your video production and special effects needs.